Komichel Johnson is an urban builder, family man, musician and real estate professional that provides his expertise to clients globally.

Located in Atlanta Georgia, Komichel Johnson has been successfully building homes, communities and redeveloping neighborhoods for clients since 1999. Komichel Johnson’s journey has been one of growth, adaptation, and improvement. In many cases, experience is the best teacher in life, and Komichel certainly has had his share. Each time life presented a road block, Komichel grew until it was little more than an obstacle to be stepped over. A true to life success story; Komichel knows what it takes to succeed, and never loses sight of his goals.

Komichel’s journey started small as any other. Born in Mississippi, Komichel received his Bachelor of Science from Morehouse College. After working diligently at his education, Komichel earned a scholarship to the prestigious Georgia Tech. Always looking to find a career to match his spirit, Komichel’s school days were spent discovering more about himself.

Though initially enamored by the study of industrial engineering, Komichel found that his true passion was in business. As a result, Komichel Johnson switched his field of study and earned an MBA in business from Clark Atlanta University.  Upon graduating, Komichel was ready to face the world. Changed by his winding road through many majors, he left school a wisened adult with a better understanding of himself and his goals.

Komichel JohnsonA driven man with a mind for business and the heart of an entrepreneur, Komichel launched into the working world at 25. Life would have other plans for Komichel, though. What should have been an easy transition into a fruitful career was halted by a legal battle.

A life spent outside of a courtroom, never once needing to defend himself, was suddenly turned upside down by a lawsuit. Komichel found himself in hot water thanks to the fraudulent activity of a former partner and was staring down a massive lawsuit from the state of California. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, Komichel hoisted himself up by his bootstraps and walked on. Leaving behind the empire he’d built with his own hands, Komichel searched for the next opportunity to apply his considerable skill.

Seeing an opportunity to improve his own community while establishing a new business, in 1999 Komichel Johnson and partner Greg Wynn formed JLW Development, LLC. The communities they improved and the homes that were built gave Komichel the room to expand throughout Atlanta, Georgia.

Once again, Komichel summoned his drive and launched his business to new heights. Combining his love for the community with a considerable business acumen, Komichel made improving the lives of those around him a top priority. Building beautiful homes where once was nothing, Komichel took his business from $0 to $30 million in little time. Praised by Harvard and the Inner City 100 for their good works, Komichel was riding high on the shoulders of his success until the 2008 market crash sought to knock him down.

Through setbacks and hard times, Komichel never lost sight of his candle in the dark. A lifetime of business experience squeezed into a few short years endowed Komichel with the ability to adapt instantly, and he soon rebounded. Through various partnerships, Komichel Johnson continues to build and renovate properties for clients in the United States, Australia, Israel, South Africa, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and China. Fifteen years of dedicated work and problem-solving were the best teachers Komichel could have hoped for. With $300 million worth of property sold, and over $200 million in revenue earned over his lifetime, Komichel’s success story is far from over.


“Passion over money is the way of life”


JLW continues to hire local residents to work with them. JLW made it a duty to watch over the community and in return the community watched over them. They worked with the NPU (Neighborhood Planning Unit) to improve the idea of building better communities and quality homes. It was until the economy collapsed in 2009 that Komichel Johnson had to revamp his business plan.

Komichel managed to take a set back and create endless opportunities for property owners domestically and internationally. In 2009 Komichel Johnson became a managing member of a profitable investment firm, he managed to provide more than 500 deeply discounted properties to international clients.  After learning tough but necessary lessons from the economic down fall, Aspire Intown was founded in 2014 to provide quality and affordable housing for intown home owners.  Through various partnerships, Komichel Johnson continues to build and renovate properties for clients in the United States, Australia, Israel, South Africa, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and China.